On The Move Again

Written by Randy Whaley on August 16th, 2009

(46⁰02.744′ N by 081⁰55.363 W -  Mile 208.2 - Bell Cove on North Western Shore of Great Le Cloche Island)

After taking a week of  in the Killarney, Covered Portage Cove and Baie Fine area we’re once more underway. 

Our good friends, George & Jane Laing arrived on Wednesday, August 12th just in time to take us to dinner at the Sportsmans Inn in Killarney and to celebrate Nancy’s birthday.  Of course it was a great party with Frank playing in the dining room. 

The following day we took a cruise to Baie Fine and stayed overnight on anchor close to the entrance of the pool.  For those of you who have never seen Baie Fine it is a unique part of Canada claiming to be the worlds longest fresh water fiord.  The bay is roughly 11 miles long with high quartzite rock hills on both sides rising steeply on both sides.  The charts indicate some of the hills are close to 500 feet higher than the surface of the water.  This is truly natural beauty at its best and regardless of where we go will have to be considered one of the most phenominal areas to cruise through.

After dropping off George & Jane this morning we traveled west through the Lansdowne Channel to Little Current then on to Bell Harbour on the North West side of Grand Le Cloche Island.  Bell Cove is providing us perfect protection for the South to South West winds that are forecast for tonight.  There are very few cottages and by now, a lot of the vacation boat traffic is starting to diminish. 

The good news is what everyone is talking about (probably including you) - summer has finally arrived.  Let’s enjoy it while it is here.

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